What To Do When You’re In-Between Homes

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Buying A Home, Moving, Real Estate | 0 comments

If you sell your current home before you get the chance to move into your new place, you may be worried about scrambling to find a palace to stay. This week, we outline a Raveis exclusive program to avoid this hassle, and provide a few additional options of places to stay between homes. 

Raveis Purchase

This option is a unique offering through William Raveis across the country. Raveis Purchase is the most convenient service for a home-seller in a hurry. William Raveis will purchase your home, enabling you to unlock your home equity so you can make a confident, non-contingent offer on your next home. You won’t miss out on your dream home! When they buy your home, they handle renovations to help maximize your home’s value and sell it for the highest price possible.

This is the ultimate hassle-free home-selling option, allowing you to move forward to your new home without worrying about the sale of your previous home. Find out more about Raveis purchase here!


This is an excellent option for those looking to maintain privacy while having access to a kitchen, food, and other hotel amenities. While this option tends to be a little pricey, it’s a comfortable solution for those who only require lodging for a few days or weeks.


If your new home is undergoing renovations or other snags that have a longer timeline, renting out a house or apartment that you can make your own for a few months might be your best option. Airbnb is a great resource for those who need temporary living arrangements and features unique and well-kept properties. 

Staying with Loved Ones

Staying with family or friends, as long as you aren’t inconveniencing anyone or overstaying your welcome, is another economical option when you find yourself between homes. While it’s a case-by-case situation in terms of comfortability, don’t be afraid to take help from people in your life when it’s sincerely offered!


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