What is home exposure?

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“We are going to upgrade the exposure on your home.”

Chances are, if you are selling a home, you have heard something like this before. Realtors call or meet with you will discuss the marketing, or the exposure, of your house. We’ve heard many people respond with, “Well, it’s on the MLS and Zillow, what else is there to do?”

The answer: A lot.

The MLS is a Starting Point

If you are selling a house with a Realtor, it will go on the MLS. That is the most basic starting point for selling a home. With the popularity of online housing marketing places – such as Zillow, realtor.com, and Trulia – your home will be listed on those sites as well. In fact, most real estate agencies will get your home listed on over 1,000 IDX (Internet Data Exchange) sites. And while this may seem like all you need, it isn’t nearly enough.

Marketing is a Skill

Real estate agents complete many tasks for every transaction. At One + Company, we believe the most important is marketing, or getting your home exposed to the right people. Yes, your home will be on over one thousand websites, but it is crucial to go deeper than posting online and hoping for the best. With strategy and the right technology, we market directly to the people who would be interested in a home such as yours.

Why the MLS Isn’t Enough

Thousands of homes go up on the MLS every day. Right now, just in Middlesex, New London, and New Haven counties of Connecticut, there are close to 4,000 single-family houses listed for sale. And many of those sellers are just hoping someone will jump online, do a specific search, and comb through the results until their home appears.

Marketing to the Right People

Instead of waiting around for a seller, maximum home exposure puts your listing directly in front of the people who are most inclined to buy it. Marketing to everyone means there will be a lot of people who skip right over your listing. For example, if you are selling a $400,000 home, it wouldn’t make sense to market that home to buyers with a $200,000 budget. The same can be said for the location, style, and square footage of your house. So even if the pool of people the home gets marketed to shrinks a bit, targeted marketing exposes your home to the RIGHT people.  

How is this type of marketing done?

Getting your home exposed the right buyers requires utilizing today’s most relevant platforms, strategically targeting audiences, and analyzing results. When you meet with listing agents, find out precisely what your Realtor will do to market your home. We have found home exposure is the difference between a house that sits on the MLS and a home that gets SOLD.

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