Westbrook Outlets Set for a Dazzling $425 Million Makeover!

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Community, Events | 0 comments

Hold onto your hats, Westbrook! The Westbrook Outlets are about to undergo a jaw-dropping metamorphosis, thanks to the minds at Lexington Partners. Picture this: a colossal $425 million development bursting with life, featuring 595 apartments, 100 townhomes, a hotel, restaurants, and entertainment spaces—all within a stone’s throw from the shoreline!


In a move set to redefine Westbrook’s landscape, Lexington Partners, a powerhouse in Hartford-based development, is steering this groundbreaking initiative. The plan? Demolish the tired 1995 vintage retail buildings and a 1999 cinema on the sprawling 49.7-acre property at 314 Flat Rock Place.


Chris Reilly, the President of Lexington Partners, paints an enticing picture of the future. The project will create a town center with a chic main boulevard,  featuring apartments above retail spaces, creating a dynamic urban vibe with plenty of open spaces to breathe in the fresh coastal air.


Lexington is teaming up with the current property owner, T WESTBROOK CENTER LLC, ensuring a majority stake while granting Lexington a tantalizing minority share in the game-changing venture.


Lexington’s vision extends to 965,565 square feet of state-of-the-art apartment living spread across five buildings, offering a variety of unit sizes to cater to every lifestyle. And that’s not all–there will be a pool, 14,400-square-feet of amenity space, and a 1,000-seat amphitheater. Hungry? The development plans boast 73,656 square feet of commercial space, set to be a haven for culinary delights with top-notch restaurants.


Lexington aims to break ground in the first two quarters of 2025, pending the green light from local and state permits. 


Westbrook Town Planner Peter Gillespie is buzzing with enthusiasm. The project perfectly aligns with the town’s plan of conservation and development, injecting a shot of adrenaline into the underused Westbrook Outlets. 


Lexington Partners’ grand plan for Westbrook is “a scale rarely seen.” If all goes as planned, the Westbrook Outlets are destined for an extraordinary upgrade!