Welcome to One + Company!

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Real Estate | 0 comments

We’re thrilled to announce Carrie Vass Brainerd and Vinny Valentino joined One + Company! With over 23 years of industry experience between the two real estate professionals, this marks an exciting addition to our team. 

Carrie and Vinny consistently put the needs of their clients first. Kind, helpful, and full of knowledge, they consistently exceed expectations. In addition, Carrie and Vinny both have the drive required to grow in their personal and professional lives. 

Join us in giving Carrie and Vinny a warm welcome!

Interested in Real Estate?

One + Company takes pride in being #thehardestworkingteam for ourselves, our families, and our clients so we forever remain #thecompanyyoukeep. This means that our recruiting and interview process is strategic and in-depth, ensuring all the agents we work with value the same things. 

As One + Company continues to grow, we look not only for those who are interested in real estate, but those who will fit our team culture. If you having been thinking about getting licensed in Connecticut, visit Real Estate Agent Scholarship for information on getting going to real estate school for FREE and joining the team at One + Company.