Tips for Moving to a New School District this Summer

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As the school year comes to close in Connecticut, families who have been thinking about moving might be putting their search into high gear. School districts can play a significant role in real estate, especially for families with young children. Summer can be the perfect time to move to a new town, as kids won’t have to move mid-year.

School Districts and Real Estate

Towns with high performing public schools (K-12) attract buyers. The National Association of Realtors found that school quality and proximity to schools are deciding factors in purchasing a home. But, this does not just apply to people with school-aged children. On average, properties in towns with strong school districts sell for higher prices and retain value better over time. If you do not have children, but want the value of your home to remain high, your search should include towns with an excellent public school system.

While there can be some conversation over whether school performance increases home value or vice versa, the correlation between the two is clear. Niche put together this list of Best Public Schools in Connecticut, so you can see how your town compares to the rest of the state. The rankings are based on factors including test scores, culture and diversity, and parent and student surveys. Niche creates these lists for all states, so if you are moving to a location you aren’t familiar with, you can use this as a starting point to compare towns and school districts.

Tips for Moving to a New District

When moving with school-aged children, it can be a challenging transition no matter what time of year it is. If kids have already made friends and are comfortable in their school, moving to a new place can sound scary. In the long run, moving to a town that is a better fit for you and your family will benefit everyone.

Below are some tips for making the transition as smooth as possible:


  • Talk about your move. Before you start looking for homes, talk about why you are moving with your children. You can ask children what they want in a new house and involve them in the home search.
  • Network. Leading up to your move, find Facebook Groups online that are dedicated to your new town. Explain who you are and when you are moving. Ask people what activities are in town for children your age, and find out where the local hotspots to meet families are.
  • Participate in town activities as a family. Once you have moved, go to events and outings in your new town together. Have fun together, and strike up conversations with other families you see around your neighborhood or town. The more faces your children recognize on their first day of school, the better.
  • Research summer camps in town. Are there summer camps happening in town, or even at school? This is a great way to meet children of the same age who attend the same school. Without the pressure of academics, your children will make new friends before the school year begins.
  • Reach out to the new school. Once settled, reach out to the new school. You will need to go in to register your children for the upcoming school year. Find out when you can bring your kids with you to take a tour of the building and meet the principal.


What are the most important factors in your home search? Do school districts make the list?

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