Taylor Morrison Unveils 2023 Home Design Trends

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Last week, Taylor Morrison unveiled their highly anticipated 2023 home trend predictions. From flooring materials to furniture textures, lighting choices, and architectural design—the most essential home features in 2023 are all centered around wellness. Here are a few trends you can expect to see in 2023. 

Tech Spaces

With remote and hybrid work here to stay, home designers are incorporating a new iteration of office spaces into their architectural plans.

Known as “tech spaces,” these smaller areas conserve square footage and offer comfort and privacy when working from home. 

“As long as companies allow employees the flexibility to work from home, we need to accommodate that in our home designs. No one wants to be working from a kitchen island anymore,” said Brian JuedesNational Vice President of Product Design at Taylor Morrison.

Instead of sharing one full-sized office, homebuyers can opt for two smaller tech spaces—which is especially beneficial for households with multiple individuals working from home.

Outdoor Spaces

There’s one popular design element making a big comeback—centered all around social interaction.

“We are seeing more and more homeowners setting up inviting outdoor seating areas right in their front yards,” shared Taylor Morrisons National Director of Design and Model Experience Lee Crowder. “By adding a few lounge chairs, a fire pit, and some cafe lighting, you suddenly have an incredible space where you can enjoy being outside with your loved ones. As an added bonus, you might even befriend your neighbors.”

In addition to fostering a sense of community, front-yard living speaks to the overarching indoor and outdoor connectivity trend. 

“No matter where it is—be it the back, side or front of a home—more connection between inside and outside living is a growing trend,” explained Taylor Morrison’s Vice President of Product Design Brian Juedes. “And the addition of fresh air and natural lighting also boasts important health benefits.”

Outdoor Elements

With an increased focus on sustainability in home design, many are relying on outdoor elements to decorate—bringing organic and nature-inspired features inside the home. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows showcase natural landscapes and act as a natural mood booster in states that receive consistent sunlight. 

Native plants that thrive inside add organic elements to the home and preserve local biodiversity. Matching décor, paint and flooring to outdoor elements, especially in rooms with lots of windows, help blur the line between indoor and outdoor living and produce an illusion of openness inside the home.

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