Questions To Ask At An Open House

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Whether you’re moving states or streets, staying educated on all the right questions to ask at an open house is important. This week, we’ve rounded up some of the best questions for buyers to ask at an open house. 

Is The Property On Septic Or Sewer?

It’s great for buyers to be informed about these things. While a house on sewage generally makes for a more straightforward closing process, septic needs to be inspected and passed. If for some reason the septic doesn’t pass, it needs to be repaired. These repairs are costly for the seller and will hold up the sale of a home for weeks or even months. 

Does The Neighborhood/Street Get Much Traffic?

Busy streets are a dealbreaker for many people due to increased noise, lack of privacy, and decreased resale value. Find out if these things are something you can deal with, and if they aren’t, put this question at the top of your list when you attend an open house. 

How Fast Are The Sellers Looking To Close?

Getting an idea of the seller’s timeline is always a good idea. Usually, sellers who are in a hurry to move are more open to negotiations, while sellers who aren’t in a particular rush to sell like to wait it out for the “perfect” offer.

What Type Of Amenities Are Close By?

This is one of the best questions to figure out what your day-to-day life will look like in this neighborhood. Specifically, you should be asking about proximity to parks, pools, walking trails, or other perks within walking distance. Get details and recommendations on nearby businesses that are important to you, like coffee shops, bars, restaurants, recreation centers, gyms, or hiking trails.

How Much Do Utilities Cost Each Month?

This is an important question, especially if you’re looking for an energy-efficient home. On top of finding out the cost of utilities, you should also ask if the house uses natural gas, solar energy, electricity, or a combination, as well as details on the heating and cooling system. You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to budget!

What Type Of Neighborhood Restrictions Are There?

Specifically, is the home attached to an HOA? HOAs are common in suburban neighborhoods but come with rules, regulations, and fees for residents. 

If there is an HOA, get more information about the monthly or annual dues and any amenities those dues pay for.

Need help determining if an HOA is right for you? Check out our list of benefits of joining one. 


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