May Restaurant Feature is On The Waterfront

by | May 22, 2018 | Featured Restaurants | 0 comments

This year, the month of May came with a mix of excitement and relief, as warmer weather, ocean front activities, and longer days finally appeared. We couldn’t wait to get to On The Waterfront, a staple in New London, which has recently undergone major renovations.


Stash Schiavone, owner of On The Waterfront, has been in the restaurant scene for decades. He started off with a grinder shop in the 1970’s in Groton. From there, Stash brought his business life to New London, where he has stayed. For over 20 years, Stash owned and managed Stash’s Cafe, a well known bar in the area. When he felt it was time for a change of pace and a more family friendly restaurant, he opened On The Waterfront.


More than anything else, Stash appreciates being able to work with his family. His son, Anthony Schiavone, learned the business from his dad while growing up, and is now the executive chef at On The Waterfront. The father-son team have been working together for years. Chef Anthony used to drive home from New York every weekend in college to work in the kitchen. “I don’t think I chose this job, I think it chose me,” Chef Anthony said. Both men value the time they are able to spend together in and out of the restaurant.

The atmosphere of the restaurant reflects the family-comes-first attitude of the owners. Families gather in the dining room for every reason, ranging from weeknight dinners to holiday meals. Birthday parties, retirement parties, and bridal and baby showers are hosted in the side dining room. Friends meet up in the bar and outside patio. Stash, Chef Anthony, and their staff greet customers like they themselves are part of the family. This level of commitment to hospitality speaks to why they have had such success over the years.


“Our goal is to always strive to be better for our customers,” said Chef Anthony. Since opening 13 years ago, the dining area has doubled in size. The old patio was enclosed to include more seating, and a new patio was added on. On The Waterfront also underwent major renovations in early 2018. The dining room and bar were remodeled with a clean, modernized look, and the kitchen was updated. The only thing that hasn’t changed are those stunning views of the Thames River. It is, after all, On The Waterfront.

In addition to a new look inside the restaurant, the menu has been updated. “We are not changing the formula or flavors,” Stash said. “We are adding to them.” We loved the Ceviche, a light refreshing appetizer full of shrimp, scallops, and fish marinated with lime juice and a light tomato base. Another new favorite are four different varieties of seafood tacos: tuna, salmon, lobster, and fried fish. We can’t wait to try them all! The menu also includes steak and poultry choices, seafood platters, and of course, clam chowder.

Between the new look, updated menu, and the desire to always improve, we think you will love your time spent at On The Waterfront!

For reservations, call 860-444-2800. To request information on booking a private party, visit On The Waterfront’s website.