Low-Maintenance Landscaping with Torrison Stone & Garden

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Colleen Kinyon, Torrison’s Landscape Designer and Garden and Property Manager, taught us what homeowners can do to make their landscaping stand out without having to spend all summer doing yard work.  

Curb Appeal Matters

If your property is neglected, potential buyers are going to imagine the inside of the home looks the same way. And when that is the case, people don’t even bother stepping foot inside. 

That doesn’t mean you have to go all out with your landscaping, but the property must look appealing from the road. Cleaning up the yard goes a long way in listing photos and in-person showings. 

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Homeowners love low maintenance landscaping, and we don’t blame them! Colleen shared some simple ways to keep your property looking beautiful. Whether you want to sell your home this spring, or just want to spruce up your property, consider these tips:

  • Prune the shrubs. Over the winter, shrubs lose their shape. Prune shrubs so they are uniform and clean-cut. Pruning can lead to healthier plants with bigger flowers. 
  • Edge your property. Edging creates a crisp edge between different areas of your property. The natural border separates outdoors spaces, keeps walkways and flower beds clear of overgrown grass, holds mulch in place, and helps the lawnmower know when to stop mowing. 
  • Mulch. Fresh mulch makes an immediate impact on curb appeal. A layer of mulch conserves soil moisture, improves the health of the soil, and reduces weed growth, which helps to keep your yard work light throughout the summer. 
  • Low-maintenance plants. The landscaping industry has responded to requests for low-maintenance plants. Select easy-to-care-for plants and shrubs that won’t get overgrown and are disease resistant.
  • Design in phases. You don’t have to do everything at once. One year, you can focus on the patio. The next year, work on the walkway or planters in the front yard. Working in phases can decrease the overwhelm, especially when you are starting from scratch.
  • Accent the house. Landscaping should not hide the house, but rather accent it. When it comes to the front of your property, keep plants and shrubs pruned so they do not overtake first-floor windows. 

With spring almost here, it’s time to start prepping your yard. Do you have any landscaping tips? Share them in the comments!

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