How To Prep Your House To List The Right Way

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Selling Your Home | 0 comments

There’s more to prepping your house for sale than taking down family photos and decluttering. Follow these pro house prep tips and give yourself the smoothest, most profitable home selling experience possible.

Know What It’s Worth

Don’t guess your home’s value. Work with an experienced Real Estate professional to determine the range of possible selling prices you may end up with and the factors that influence that number. It will help you make smarter decisions throughout the process.


Negotiation can be exhausting. After finally agreeing on the price and terms, the last thing you want is for a buyer to return after the home inspection with more concession requests. Avoid this hassle by knowing your home’s defects and either fixing or disclosing them before the offers come.

Stage the Outside of Your House

Before buyers see the freshly decluttered interior of your house, they need to be compelled by an exterior in good repair and clean, crisp landscaping. 

Understand the Expenses of Selling

Buyers are not the only ones who spend money on a home sale. Sellers must consider expenses like commission, taxes, legal fees, house prep, state and municipal inspections, etc. For quick figuring, you should plan on about seven percent of the purchase price to go toward costs.

Have Your Title Looked At

Like a bad home inspection, a bad title can wreak havoc with your sale, causing closing delays or even cancellation. Avoid that headache by having your title looked at for liens, HOA issues, etc., before you go to market.

In any market, the better-prepared home sellers will get more money with less hassle than those who think they can just drop a sign in the front yard. In the long run, a little extra work on the front end will save you time, money, and headache.

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