How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Moving | 0 comments

Anyone who owns a pet should be prepared to make their home safe for their four-legged friends. Unfortunately, poisoning and electrocution are among the most common causes of accidental pet death, but so much can be done to prevent these tragic occurrences. This week, we’re giving you a room-by-room checklist to make your home a safe and relaxing place for your pet.

The Yard

Outdoor time is excellent for pets, but it also presents risks. Make your yard a safe place for your pet to be unattended by doing the following:

  • Block off any access to pools or hot tubs
  • Make sure all plants in the yard aren’t poisonous to animals
  • Have your fence vetted and secured by a professional 
  • Don’t leave any sharp gardening tools out
  • Make sure your lawn hasn’t been chemically treated, as the chemicals used in fake lawns are incredibly toxic to animals

The Kitchen

Cleaning supplies, harmful foods, and medications are all hazardous items that are commonly found in kitchens. To keep the kitchen a pet-friendly space, make sure you do the following:

  • Store foods (harmful or not) in tightly closed cabinets
  • Avoid leaving any food out on the counter 
  • Make sure any sealable food is in tightly sealed Tupperware
  • Consider fitting low cabinets with childproof locks
  • Use a garbage can that pulls out of the cabinets or shuts tightly with a pedal mechanism 
  • Keep cleaning supplies ion locked or high shelves
  • Invest in a garbage disposal cover

The Living Room

Some problem areas in living rooms include fireplaces and electrical outlets, but there are several things you can do to make this space safer:

  • Put away all sewing and craft notions, especially thread
  • Block fireplace access with screen or baby gate
  • Remove any plants that are poisonous to animals
  • Cover all heating and air vents
  • Always unplug cords that are not being used
  • Keep dangling wires out of reach 

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are a frequently used room to put dogs away when guests are over. Before you do that, make sure that you’re doing these things first:

  • Use a pet-safe trash bin that is hard to get into
  • Always unplug and store hot hair tools
  • Keep loofahs and bath toys out of reach
  • Always put the toilet seat down and look into a seat locking mechanism 


Taking these precautions will put your mind at ease and ensure the safety of your pets. Have questions about moving to a pet-friendly home? Contact us today!