How To Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Real Estate | 0 comments

As a buyer, you should be filled with joy and the highest level of serotonin. However, when you don’t pay attention to the details or are not confident in your decision-making. What was supposed to be memorable, can just as quickly be your biggest regret. This is what we call “Home Buyer’s Remorse,” and by following these tips, here’s how you can avoid that problem.

The Realtor Agent Must Work for You.

You should always be confident in the agent you will be working with throughout this experience. No shade to the agents out there, but make sure that the one you choose works for you, the buyer. This person is to always have your best intentions as a No. 1 priority. It’s best to build a great connection between the two of you and be very clear with what you want in a home; that way, your agent can do their job a lot better than you could’ve imagined. 

Know What You Want and What You Can Afford

Understand what and how much you are paying for. One of the leading causes of Home Buyer’s Remorse is the initial regret buyer’s experience after spending so much for a lesser value. Bankrate put out a survey, and over 20% of first-time buyers or millennials, realized that maintenance or mortgage payments were just too much. With the help of a mortgage calculator and the advisement of your representative, that should make budgeting easier for you.

For our first-time buyers, deciding between what you need versus what you want for your house is also something to consider carefully. Do you want a condo, a townhouse, or a luxury home? If you are of a large family, how many rooms will you need? Are you anticipating hosting a lot of guests? Is it better to have a pool or a detached garage? When answering these questions, it helps to keep in mind that what you are looking for is practical rather than stylish and waste when buying for the first time. 

Mark It Down

Next on the list is to make a list! Make sure when inspecting these houses, you are taking notes on what you noticed, liked, did not like, or are willing to look past. House hunting can become very overwhelming, and it is easy to forget about the little details. No cabinet, closet, bathroom, or door goes untouched!

Be sure to mark down all the squeaky windows, rusty nails, and loud pipes you come across to help you closer to your final decision. Don’t be afraid to take your own pictures as well! Relying on images that are already provided is okay, but having a hold on the overlooked angels of a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen is crucial. 

It also helps to hire a professional inspector to look at the house you’re interested in as well. Spending a little more now to avoid any larger bills that you may come across in the future is the best way to go. 

Research The Community

After that, it is always important to look around the area and get a vibe for the place. You’ve already decided on the type of community you wish to live in; now it’s time to decide the kind of aesthetic you want for your home. Keep in mind that you will be living there for a very long time, so speak up and ask questions. This includes looking into the kind of neighbors you will be inheriting, your safety, and of course, any obscene views that you’re not okay with. 

Make A Mental Visual!

Finally, remember to have fun while on the hunt. Visualizing and letting your creativity roam free helps take off the pressure and gives you a project worth looking forward to. Thinking about all the new décor that can turn the house you’re considering putting a down payment on into a welcoming humble abode can make a huge difference. 

Should you need any help looking to buy, reach out to One & Company, where you can find an agent, use their mortgage calculator, and find a home that best suits your needs. Happy Hunting!