Closing Day: What to Expect as a Seller

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Selling Your Home | 0 comments

Closing day! You accepted an offer on your home and made it through under-contract negotiations. Closing day is when the sale of your home becomes official. 

If you have done the legwork and cleared out your home before closing, this day is mostly about signing a few papers. This is the final exchange of paperwork and money, making the sale of your property complete. Closing usually takes place at a title office or lender’s office, if the buyer is taking out a loan. In Connecticut, an attorney must be present, so closings could also take place in the attorney’s office.

Don’t forget these items as you prepare for your closing:

  • Final walkthrough. Do one final walkthrough of your property before going to the closing. Make sure everything is left in the condition agreed upon in the contract.
  • Closing documents. Your closing agent should have these documents, but you’ll want to keep track as well. Documents you need are the closing statement, seller disclosures, purchase contract, your ID, as well as documentation that any repairs made after home inspection were taken care of.
  • Turn over keys to the home. Any keys or remotes to the home need to be turned over to the buyer at closing.
  • Address Change. Notify the post office, your credit card companies, and everyone else of your address change.
  • Final paid receipts for utilities. Bring in proof that utilities are paid up to the closing date.

If you had additional negotiations after the home inspection or appraisal, include proof issues were taken care. Buyers will typically do their own final walkthrough before closing and will be looking for those negotiated items to be complete.

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