Cheap Summer 2022 Bucket List

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Community | 0 comments

The 2021–2022 inflation surge has many people stressed out and more strapped for cash than ever. As summer kicks into full gear, it’s difficult to feel like you’re getting in on all the fun of summer while remaining financially responsible. This week, we’re giving you an expansive list of things to do to have an enjoyable summer without setting yourself back. 

  1. Have a fancy cocktail night with friends
  2. Capitalize on Summer Birthday Freebies
  3. Have a picnic in the park
  4. Have a “no spend” weekend
  5. Attend a local open house
  6. Read the Sunday paper
  7. Bike 5 miles
  8. Take a shelter dog for a “day out”
  9. Binge a new show
  10. Meal prep for the week
  11. Visit a farmer’s market
  12. Cook at home
  13. Complete a reading challenge
  14. Go for a run
  15. Host a potluck
  16. Walk as far as you can
  17. Try speed dating
  18. Have a bonfire
  19. Plant a vegetable
  20. Wake up and watch the sunrise
  21. Make a mood board for your future goals
  22. Start a side hustle
  23. Go camping 
  24. Organize your home
  25. Have a yard sale
  26. Attend a wine tasting at a vineyard
  27. Craft something
  28. Try journaling
  29. Visit an art gallery 
  30. Make a time capsule
  31. Go thrift shopping
  32. Visit a zoo
  33. Rent a movie
  34. Attend an outdoor summer ballgame
  35. Go to a concert in the park 
  36. Make a DIY water park at home 
  37. Join a fantasy sports league
  38. Volunteer
  39. Learn a difficult card game
  40. Go fishing
  41. Walking tour of your town
  42. Collect coupons
  43. Enter a contest
  44. Host a karaoke night 
  45. Go to poker night
  46. Try geocaching 
  47. Research your credit card perks
  48. Paint a rock and leave it for a stranger to find
  49. Go window shopping
  50. Attend an estate sale