Best Pizza in CT

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Connecticut is known to have some of the best pizzerias in the US, with New Haven at the top. Here are four of the best pizzerias to check out in Connecticut. 

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Of course, we have to start with Frank Pepe’s, which become the first pizzeria on Wooster Street in New Haven in 1925. When it comes to New Haven-style pizza, Pepe’s is the first thing many people think of—and it’s a place where many are willing to wait hours to get a slice.

Sally’s Apizza

Another iconic New Haven pizzeria on Wooster Street, Sally’s is known for its coal-fired, thin-crust pies and long lines. Many argue that ever since Pepe’s added more locations, Sally’s took over as the #1 pizza in the state.

Modern Apizza

Modern is another staple in New Haven, serving up that thin-crust pizza the city is known for. Honestly, when it comes to pizza in New Haven, it’s too hard to pick a favorite!

Jimmy’s Apizza, Milford CT

Jimmy’s Pizza in Milford is family owned and operated business. Not only do they provide excellent service and a fantastic dining experience. If you like The Beatles, try their specialty, ‘The Jane.’ It is buffalo chicken, blue cheese, and bacon.

John & Maria’s Pizzeria, East Haven CT 

This is one of the best pizzerias in East Haven, CT. You can order calzone, pepperoni, sausage, pepper, and onions. It is a local family-owned restaurant that has been around for generations. They have a broccoli Rob sub people love. The bread is fresh every day and delicious. The restaurant is in a good location, with outside dining and plenty of off-street parking. The new, perfectly cooked mozzarella pizza is delicious. The crust is superb and very flavorful. 

Zuppardi’s Apizza, West Haven CT 

The sunny, old-school ambiance in Zuppardis is just half of what makes this pizzeria so great. This is the best place to try the Connecticut/ new haven style pizza known as “ah-Beetz.” Add mozzarella to order one small particular and a tiny fresh clam pie. The fresh herbs on the clam pie, the fresh lemon slices, the quality of the fennel sausage on the special, and most importantly, the care and attention to detail in every element offered on the pie make for a great pizza and experience. 

Bufalina, Guilford CT 

It’s not New Haven style; it’s genuine Neapolitan. If you still need to and want a different take that’s as excellent as New Haven, Buffalina in Guilford, CT, is for you. This is a fantastic pizza made with high-quality, authentic ingredients. The owners and staff are friendly and courteous, and every pizza is made with care. The menu changes frequently, and there is a unique pizza each week. It is recommended for anyone who likes delicious thin pizza.