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It’s no secret: the most desirable floor plan is an open concept layout. Even when the finishes are outdated, if the kitchen, dining area, and living room all flow seamlessly, people can visualize themselves in the space. 

An open floor plan allows the main living areas to become the social hub of the home, increase the flexibility of the layout, enable parents to keep an eye on children, and create multifunctional spaces.

So what would you think if you walked into a single-family home with three kitchens and a disconnected flow of traffic? 

That’s just what Paige had to ask herself when working with sellers this year. 

Former FSBO

Paige met the sellers at an open house she was holding. At that time, the sellers had the home on the market as For Sale By Owner (FSBO). They spoke with Paige and liked what she did at the open house, but wanted to sell their property on their own. 

While on the market, the sellers received one offer. 

The buyer was not working with a real estate agent. As the sellers moved forward with the process of inspection, appraisal, and closing attorneys, they became overwhelmed with the process. The sellers were trying to do everything on their own, and eventually, the deal fell apart. 

Two years after meeting Paige at the open house, they called and said they were ready to list with her. 

Unique Layout

The home itself is in an incredible location in a shoreline town, a quiet property close to beaches. The layout of the house, however, is quite different than the open floor plan that many buyers are looking for. 

“The house had a different layout – three kitchens, three living spaces, but only one real bedroom,” Paige explained. 

While the rooms were spacious, with floor to ceiling windows and hardwood floors, Paige knew that most people would be turned off by the floor plan, especially since it is not a multi-family residence. 

Finding the Right Buyer

We’ve spoken before about the importance of marketing exposure when listing a home. Part of Paige’s job was to make sure the professional photography highlighted the best features of the house. 

The other part of the job was to market to the right people. 

This house, because of the layout, would require a specific buyer. 

Paige held about ten open houses, working to draw in potential buyers each time. The location ensured that people attended each open house. Paige was there to walk each person through the house and explain the potential. 

Before she started hosting open houses, Paige had a contractor come in and give an estimate to create a new layout. She explained to people what was possible with the house and was able to provide an estimate for the work required. 

“I tried to pre-qualify people from the beginning,” Paige explained. “It was not a move-in ready house with a family ready to move. It was going to take some work.”

And soon enough, an investor came and saw the vision. 

Because Paige was adamant in finding the right buyer, she was able to help her clients sell their house and begin the next chapter of their lives. 

We believe it’s important for you to see the other side, this series is for you to learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry. We’ll dissect why some homes sell when others don’t, what agents do behind the scenes, and what homeowners do that benefit – or sometimes destroy – the transaction.

These are the Stories Behind the Sale.


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